Musica Iagellonica

General information

This first volume of the Musica Iagellonica was issued in 1995. Successive volumes came out in 1997 (vol. 2), 2004 (vol. 3), and 2007 (vol. 4). From 2011 (vol. 5) the periodical is published yearly.


Its main aims are threefold:

  • to make Polish musicological research, largely unknown due to the language barrier, more widely available;
  • to promote the musical culture of Central Europe (Bohemia, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia) in its European cultural context;
  • to publish research into the musical culture of Central Europe carried out by musicologists from around the world.


Next volumes will include lengthy reviews and reports of a number of books published in lesser Central European languages.

Editorial Board

Zygmunt M. Szweykowski (General Editor)

Aleksandra Patalas (Assistant Editor)

Piotr Wilk

Andrzej Sitarz



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